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Parallax Views Consulting provides creative business solutions for organizations and professionals, especially those who are experiencing difficulties meeting business challenges. After a careful analysis of various facets of the business including human, physical and capital resources, business infrastructure and personal and corporate goals, David applies his business acumen and analytic skills to help business owners remove impediments to professional and personal success. David works with business owners and employees to identify and implement a variety of positive alternative solutions for success.

CEOs frequently contract MBAs and other business consultants to solve problems using the logic that an outsider can more clearly identify problems and solutions.  Often these efforts are unsuccessful because the consultant does not see things any differently from the business owner.

"It’s a perspective problem; you can't think outside of the box if you were born and raised in it. Most business consultants may appear to be looking at your problems from outside your company but they are looking at the same things, from the same vantage point, in the same way.  They can’t help it; they have the same frame of reference, training and perspective that has already proven unsuccessful at finding successful solutions."

Another common mistake is that business owners and many consultants do not analyze the business organization.  They look at  business problems as discrete issues to be solved without any regard for the fact that a business is a sophisticated system with complex inter-relationships and intra-relationships, between and within departments and personnel. Business organizations are actually delicate ecosystems and more damage than good can be done if changes are made haphazardly.  CEOs often find that after the consultants have gone, the Hawthorne effects wear off and the business is still suffering.

David has over thirty years experience as a successful business owner in addition to a unique training and professional background as a therapist and instructor that enable him to use parallax views, or perspective shifts, to synthesize plans for business success.   David carefully analyzes a business, recognizing the delicate balance between sales, marketing, production, accounting, and other departments and their tendency to maintain a homeostatic balance, perpetuating the status quo.

David is a founder and current COO/CTO for Criteria Corporation, a comprehensive web-based pre-employment testing system.   In addition, David is the Managing Member for a number of LLCs with businesses ranging from fine art to commercial real estate.

David served as president of the Audio Visual Group, Inc., a California corporation dba AIMS Multimedia, from 1983 to 2004. In addition to administrative responsibilities, David focused on digital technology production, management information systems, and advertising.

Drawing upon his diverse background and training as well as Pinchot's seminal work Intrapreneuring, In 1997 David  conceived, designed and produced the first Internet streaming educational video-on-demand system- AIMS Multimedia's DigitalCurriculum which was comprised of more than 100,000 educational multimedia components.  Within three and one-half years of its release and at the time of the Discovery acquisition, DigitalCurriculum was being used in major school districts in every state as well as a number of foreign countries with a paid subscriber base of over 20 million  teachers, librarians, administrators and students.  To see how Discovery incorporated DigitalCurriculum, renamed Discovery Education Streaming, click this link-

David is a licensed psychotherapist, since 1981, and prior to working at AIMS David had a private psychological practice and was an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

David earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, master’s from the University of Southern California, and his doctorate from the University of California at Los Angeles.

 David and his wife Helene Kudrow Sherman, a professional artist, reside in Beverly Hills, California.